Friday, February 17, 2012

Stevie Loves ... The Outpost Project

images shot and edited by Stevie, permission has to be asked for use and credited

Once again, sincere apologies on the lack of posting.  All work and no play is a bitch!! Anyway, have finally taken some time out to catch up on the good things - like posting photos.  These snaps were taken at the Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island back in December.  The festival showcased a huge range of street art throughout the abandoned factories and alleyways by artists from all over Australia and the World.  My picks of the day were definitely ROA from Belgium (see giant emu and wombat), Banksy (unfortunately no photos as it was far too packed out), Ethos from Brazil, Beastman from NSW and Kid Zoom from Australia/USA (skull on the weatherboard house). Even though the installation is finished, still check out The Official Website so you can see a bit more of what talent was there.  Alternatively if you're around Sydney, The Island Bar  is still there and is an awesome spot to lounge on a  deck chair looking out at the harbour with a drink and wood-fire pizza in hand!!


  1. Amazing pictures! Just saw i'm in your list of friends on the blog :) xo lots of love

  2. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next. Check out my blog, we should follow each other!!
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